3VI Limited is the complete solution provider and specialist in eliminating fraud, improving revenues protection, increasing security and analyzing network performance for mobile network operators around the world. We cover the entire value chain – from consulting, design, development, deployment and integration, to maintenance and operation of complete networks on a global scale.
3VI Limited provide software and expert consultancy to intelligently analyze large quantities of data from across an organization in helping to negate or minimize operational or business inefficiencies, therefore allowing businesses to achieve significant return on investment via revenue protection and cost savings. We achieve this by auditing their systems and managing their risks to improve and protect their current and future performance while simultaneously increasing revenue.
Fraud prevention is only one part of our suite of integrated solutions offered. We bring objective and independent expertise to auditing your fraud prevention program, employing services that encompass a fully customised model that is tailor-made to your requirements.
The full 3VI FMS suite includes: