Our strategic goal is to establish ourselves as a leader among global oil and gas companies by diversifying sales markets, ensuring reliable supplies, increasing operating efficiency and using technical potential to strengthen our global position in this industry. We strive to develop and maintain strong relationships with governments, partners, corporations, and others to enhance our operations in numerous countries across the globe.

3VI Limited undertake active portfolio management to concentrate on areas where we can play to our strengths. This means we continue to grow our exploration position, expanding our upstream pipeline. Our portfolio of projects and operations is focused where we can generate the most value, and not necessarily the most volume through our production and supplying of oil and gas.
We take a long term view on our operations, forming lasting relationships with local and national governments and investing in the communities in which we operate. It is important to us that our activities not only bring success to the business but also contribute to local economies, safe and healthy environments and vibrant communities.